Friday, December 16, 2011

Easy Entry: A Traveling Can Be Murder Mystery

Every year millions of individuals become part of the rootless population. In campers, trailers and motor homes, they travel to distant parts of the country. Some go it alone; others desire companionship in structured groups or caravans. Most seek peace, a quiet respite from their busy work schedules or a chance to visit historical sites. Few encounter anything other than the normal wear and tear on their rigs. Some, however, find danger.

Marriage and family therapist, Beth Ellis, discovers her husband of six years is having multiple affairs. Disillusioned about her competency, she adopts Jordan, a shelter dog, takes a sabbatical, buys a trailer and joins a caravan to recapture her analytic abilities. Although she shares the road with other campers, a few are not whom they seem. Add two runaway boys, one reject from a house of ill repute, a wagon master who envisions himself to be William Powell; you have a recipe for intrigue. But when a vicious stalker from her hometown begins to terrorize Beth and her campmates, her childhood friend, Wyatt Kraemer, a professional sniper, shows up unannounced to protect her. Sparks fly. Though she hasn’t laid eyes on Wyatt in twenty years, Beth finds she is still attracted to him.

As the threats against her and the caravan intensify, Beth is unsure of whom to turn to for help. Wyatt’s sudden arrival surprisingly angers her and without evidence, law enforcement seems reluctant to intervene. Soon, the wagon master will ask her to leave the caravan and Beth and Jordan will once again be alone on the road.

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